PYLA Datadocké

La Certification QUALIOPI

The ADERA, organization carrying the PYLA trainings, has been registered in the DATADOCK directory since May 31, 2017 under the number 0014204.

Since January 2017, a training must, to be financed, be carried out by a training organization referenced by the financier. In other words, it must have met the quality criteria defined by the law of March 5, 2014. This is a pledge of credibility for both companies and employees receiving training.

6 criteria make it possible to judge the quality of the services offered. Their purpose is to improve the readability of the training offer, to encourage training providers to provide more useful information to funders and beneficiaries, particularly on exam results and access to employment, and increase the capacity of the training offer to adapt to the needs of the public to be trained. These 6 criteria are:

The precise identification of the objectives of the training and its adaptation to the trained audience

Adaptation of reception, pedagogical monitoring and evaluation systems to trainee audiences

The adequacy of pedagogical, technical and supervisory resources to the training offer

The professional qualification and the in-service training of those responsible for training

The conditions for informing the public about the training offer, its access times and the results obtained

Taking into account the assessments made by trainees An organization is said to be “datadocked” when, having stated that it meets the quality criteria of the decree of 30 June 2015, it has become referenceable by the funders of continuing vocational training.


Mise à jour : Friday 5 July, 2019