On-demand training : a cost-effective solution even for a small number of people to train

30 % of the training courses provided by PYLA are tailor-made trainings.

Our pedagogical engineering department, skilled and responsive, is attentive to its customers to build a unique training adapted to their needs :  program designed and based on their applications, choice of expert speakers, theory/practice alternation, duration, dates…

Choosing the tailor-made solution means making sure you set objectives directly related to the company’s projects and maximize the training efficiency. It is to optimise the impact of the training and to ensure a precise operational result, whether on the individual skills that can be implemented in the work situation or the collective skills when integrating a new technology within the company.

A tailor-made training course also makes it possible to meet the experts of the field and to discuss the problems of the activities of the employees or projects of the company.