0,5 to 15 days training courses

PYLA offers a catalog of over 60 short training courses in the various fields of photonics and microwaves. All PYLA courses involve experts from universities, laboratories and partner companies.

The programs let a large part to the experimentation and are adapted to the rise in skills of the employees of the industry or the academic world. Every levels are covered, from initiation to expertise and are aimed at operators, technicians, engineers and researchers through transverse functions and support.

Intercompany training * are organized in our location in Bordeaux-Talence, Bordeaux-Le Barp, Limoges or Paris and on request, intra-company ** in our customers location throughout France and Europe.

*Intercompany training is a training given to employees of different companies during the same session. It has many advantages for the trainee: to benefit from a small group learning, to exchange good practices, to develop his network by following training with counterparts.It offers great opportunity to share experiences with trainees from other horizons, who find themselves on similar functions and issues.From the cost point of view, the intercompany training is indicated for the training of one or two collaborators. When several employees of the same company are interested in training, the intra-company format can be more economical.

** Intracompany training has the advantage of adapting the content of the training program to the needs and the context of the company.The dates of the training are fixed by mutual agreement between PYLA and the client. The training can be organized in PYLA facilities, on the site of the company or in any other suitable place.From a financial point of view, intra-company training is often more economical when several employees of the same company are registered. The price is studied to propose a fixed cost whatever the number of registered people. Usually, the maximum number is set at 12 participants (sometimes less when there is a significant practical dimension). If the training is organized at the client’s premises, this saves the trainees’ mission expenses.