On-site optical and laser risk analysis

The assessment of the risks due to exposure to artificial optical radiation, imposed by the Labor Code, is essential for the establishment of the means of prevention and is an integral part of the Single Document (decree 2001-1016 of 5 November 2001). PYLA assists you in your efforts by proposing the verification of your laser installation and by recommending solutions of compliance. This audit, which takes into account the regulations and standards in force, covers the entire laser installation:     installation and operation    protection of the source, the optical path, the laser machine    individual protection equipment    indicator plates    medical surveillance and follow-up of information and training    out-of-beam risks. When possible, radiation measurements are made.

PYLA has unreleased tools to realize its services :

  • The ROAmètre, the only portable instrument for measuring optical radiation, enables measurement on sites.
  • The LASERSAFETY software is EN60825 compliant and integrates artificial optical radiation for inconsistent sources.

Design assistance

You can call on our experts to integrate security issues from the design of your equipment or installation.