Laser Safety Officer in Research and Industrial Environment

personne compétente en securite laser

Laser Safety Officer in Research and Industrial Environment

Ref. SLIR-03en

3 DAYS (21H)


Training certified by the National Optical Safety Commitee of Photonics France


  • Give to safety professionals all the procedures to safely operate any laser system
  • Concieve or improve a laser safety enclosure by mastering hazard analysis calculation
  • Adapt collective and personal protective equipments
  • Ensure his own as well as coworkers safety


  • Technicians and laser operators
  • Engineers and safety officers
  • Professors, researchers and PhD students


  • Characteristics of laser emission
  • Hazards associated with laser beam and non beam hazards
  • Accidents- Medical examinations – Prevention- Protective equipment
  • Standards and regulations
  • Practical instructions for safety rules application


  • Évaluation de satisfaction
  • Contrôle de connaissances
  • Attestation de fin de formation


  • Safety Laser Experts


  • Laser emission: important background
    • Basics on laser theory and characteristics of laser emission
    • Main lasers and their applications
  • Hazards associated to the implementation of a laser system, or non-beam hazards
    • Chemical agents
    • Physical agents
    • Other agents
  • Optical Hazards: biological effects
    • Skin and eyes effects
    • Medical surveillance
  • Laser accidents
    • Some examples
    • Behavior in case of accident
  • Standards and regulations
  • Exposure limits (with practical calculations)
    • Accessible Emission Limits and laser classification
    • Maximum permissible Exposure (MPE)
    • Nominal hazard zone
  • Preventive measures and protection tools
    • Control measures
    • Risk analysis
    • Collective and personal protective equipment
    • Warning signs and labels
  • Applied lab on a dedicated laser safety platform


  • Theorical contribution
  • Demonstrations
  • Movie presentation


  • Venue : Bordeaux and Limoges University or in your Institute
  • Dates : contact us
  • Registration fee : contact us

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